Review: POP Beauty Lid Neon Palette

Lid Neon Palette

Greetings to all!

In my work I frequently like to use very bright, bold makeup looks. One of the eye palettes that my makeup artist has used on more than one occasion is the POP Beauty Lid Neon palette, so I decided to go ahead and test it out myself to see how I like it.


The Packaging itself is cute. I love the colors (hot pink & cyan) and it’s sized perfectly to fit into a pocket or a purse. However, it’s made of cardboard and held closed with fairly weak magnets. If I were to bring it out with me, I would probably rubber band it closed or something, because the risk of it opening en route and getting ruined seems pretty likely.



I love the colors in the palette. They are really bold looking in the pans, and the selection has a nice range of color, all of which I could see myself using. Unfortunately, while there is a decent amount of color payoff, there isn’t quite as much as I would like.

Palette Close-up



The formula is definitely on the chalky/powdery side. I attempted to apply them to my eyes with a brush first, which came out VERY sheer. The only way it seems to get some concentrated color is to use a sponge tipped applicator, which does help a lot. I then went over the eye with a clean fluffy brush, which did blend them a bit.


There doesn’t seem to be a problem with creasing, but after awhile the colors do start to fade – even with a primer. The light blue had the most trouble with staying power, while the other colors last noticeably longer. However, after about 6 hours everything starts to fade.


I really, really want to love this palette. It is good for certain things; I love it for photo shoots (when color matters and longevity doesn’t) but I can’t really justify the $22 price tag on this product when it doesn’t quite hold up to other equally priced (or cheaper palettes). I am also not a fan of using a sponge tip applicator – it usually doesn’t look as polished/blended as using brushes. So, unless you like using a sponge applicator, and don’t need your colors to be vibrant for long periods of time (in which case, why get a brightly colored palette in the first place?) – I don’t recommend buying the Lid Neon palette.



You can purchase the POP Beauty Lid Neon Palette on the POP Beauty website and Amazon

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