Deborah Lippmann Polish Haul Part One

Greetings all! So, recently Gilt has been running a sale on Deborah Lippmann nail polish ($49 for 5; Gilt), so I thought I would finally pick a few up and see if the polish lives up to it’s rather high price. Unfortunately, the colors come in preselected batches, but I managed to find a decent selection with some colors I wanted. The colors I received in the batch are On The Floor, Pretty Vacant, Swagga Like Us, Brick House, and Since I Fell For You. Once I swatched three of the colors, I realized I had some duplicate colors in other brands, so I will only be covering the first two polishes in this post. Stay tuned for my review of the other three!

Pretty Vacant & On the Floor

Packaging: I quite like the bottle design on these. The square shape is nice; it means the polishes fit together nicely for storage with no space wasted. The glass itself is thick, so they have a hefty, solid feel to them. The stem & lid are shorter than I’m used to, but this actually allows for a decent amount of precision once you get used to it. The brush is on the thin side, which is slightly annoying but manageable.

On the Floor ($22; HSN)


Color: At first glance, in the bottle, the color looks like a cool tan. On the nails though, it is a subtle mauve shade. I LOVE the color, and it goes well with the cool tones of my skin. Application: The formula itself is on the thin side, but not too much. Two coats gets it pretty much opaque, but there were one or two spots that were still a little streaky. Three coats will get you perfect coverage.

Longevity: So far this formula is wearing very well on me. I’m on day 5 with minor tip wear (which is pretty amazing, considering how hard I am on my nails). No chipping or flaking. I tried to chip one of my nails with a fingernail just to see how resilient the formula is and it is very difficult to mark up.

Conclusion: I really like this color and formula. I definitely recommend it if you can find it on sale ($19 is still a very high price for nail polish). This color has definitely moved to the top of my favorites list though.

Pretty Vacant ($20; Amazon) DL_PrettyVacant

Color: Up until now I’ve not been particularly interested in trying out textured nail polishes. Unfortunately, this pretty much lived up to my expectations in that it makes me look like I’m wearing stucco on my nails…which is a look that does NOT appeal to me. If you are in to the textured nail thing though, you might be pleased with this one. Pretty Vacant is a pale grey with cool undertones, and the color itself is pretty nice. It dries to a textured satin/matte¬†finish.

Application: This formula is thicker than the others, but surprisingly easy to apply. I had no issues with mistakes, although the grainy nature of the polish does make the nail tips look a little ragged until the next day. I recommend using thin coats, and it will dry fairly quickly. I used two coats and it was completely opaque.

Longevity: I am super impressed with how long both of these colors have worn. Because of the thickness of this formula though, I’m having some serious tip wear happening after a few days.

Conclusion: I would love this polish if it weren’t textured. The color is great and I am impresses with how well both colors wear. Unfortunately, the textured look is just too funky for me. This one gets a pass.

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