May Julep Maven Box

Greetings to all! Sorry about the lack of posts recently. I just made it through some grueling finals, and have been enjoying a little bit of laziness. I finally felt inspired today to catch up on some blog posts, so this is the review for my Julep box from last month.

I received two colors from the Boho Glam collection. The first color is Paulette, a pretty springtime lilac color with a subtle gold shimmer. The second is Jeannie, a light blue cream shade. Also included was the new Plié Wand which is a swiveling brush that promises an ergonomic design for more control.

May Julep Colors

I used the Orly Bonder Rubberizing base coat (I love this base coat – it really grips the nail/polish) and Orly Won’t Chip top coat with this manicure.


I’ve decided that I am a fan of the packaging on these. I like the shape of the bottles because they fit well together and there’s room for a lot of them on my shelf. The lids have little stickers on them so you can swatch your colors, which is a great idea. Last month I couldn’t figure out how in the heck I was supposed to swatch them, because the brush was attached to the lid but it turns out you can separate the square part from a cap underneath by pulling while the lid is screwed in to the bottle.


Paulette: I can’t emphasize enough how pretty this shade is! The base color is a soft lilac. It has a golden sheen; it’s not glittery just shimmery. I’m not usually a huge fan of pastels but this one is a hit with me.

Jeanne: This color is more basic. It is a creamy blue shade that is also very pretty. I could see pairing this with a gold chunky glitter top coat or gold accent nails. It’s a bright shade, great for Spring or Summer.


Paulette: Both formulas felt slightly thicker to me, but Paulette was the thinner of the two. I had no problems with the application the first time using it; it went on smoothly and dried within a reasonable amount of time. During the second manicure I’ve done with Paulette it seemed thicker and slightly harder to work with.

Jeanne: This one runs a little on the thick side, so the first coat was a bit streaky and there were some issues with bald spots if I wasn’t careful. A second coat evened everything out though. I’ve become less enthralled with Julep’s formula since starting their subscription – with maybe one or two exceptions, all their formulas run a bit too thick for my liking.


Paulette: Lasts a bit longer than Jeannie – probably due to the formula being less thick; I’m having some light tip wear on day four and small chips on day five.

Jeanne: This one was medium lasting, with some light tip wear on day three and chipping by day four.


I love both of these colors. They have a very springtime feel to them. Paulette is definitely my favorite, but both have earned a place in my color rotation. My only wish is that they weren’t SO thick!

Plié Wand

I admit to some hesitation about this brush. I haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet, but when I do I’ll write something up on it!

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