June Julep Maven Box is Here!

Hello everyone! So, catching up on blog posts today and decided to go ahead and put up my thoughts on the June Julep Maven Box.

This month I received the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and two colors from the Bombshell collection. The first is Colette, a medium violet shimmer. The second color is Sera, an iridescent chrome lilac shade.

I used the Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat with these, so that I could test it out, and Orly Won’t Chip top coat with this manicure.



The packaging on these is simple and straightforward. I like the shape of the bottles because they fit well together and there’s room for a lot of them on my shelf. The lids have little stickers on them so you can swatch your colors, which is a great idea. They are a little nerve wracking to have open on a surface though, because they are so tall I’m afraid I’ll knock them over!


Colette: I seem to have an obsession with purple shades this month; this is the third or fourth purple I’ve gotten. The color is a gorgeous violet shimmer that really pops on the nails.

Sera: This is probably one of my favorite colors of Julep’s so far! The shade is a light lilac, with shimmer and micro glitter dispersed throughout. It also has a chrome finish. No photos can do this shade justice!

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat: This base coat actually dries to a smooth, slightly milky finish. I am a little put off because my normal base coat (Orly Bonder) is slightly sticky when it dries and this feels more like hard polish.


Colette: This polish is, like so many other Julep polishes I’ve received, a little on the thick side. With this color that wasn’t particularly an issue – it still dried in a reasonable amount of time. It looked completely opaque and streak-free after one coat.

Sera: Unfortunately, the application is where this polish fell down. It doesn’t seem particularly thick, but strangely took FOREVER to dry. And I mean it took hours. It took so long that my manicure was completely wrecked by the end of the night, even though I was being careful with it. I’m not sure why that was; I’ve never had this happen with a polish before.

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat: Goes on very, very smoothly. It’s a thin formula, so it glides on very easily and dries quickly.


Colette: I think that the base coat actually made the life of this polish shorter. It was chipping by the next evening of wear. By day two it looked too terrible to keep wearing. I’d like to try this color with my usual base to see if that helps the longevity.

Sera: This one lasted longer than Colette. There was some tip wear on day two but no chips. Because it was so trashed though (from the lengthy drying time), I ended up taking it off the third morning.

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat: I am not impressed with this as a base coat. It seems to severely shorted the life of the polish. I would wear it alone as a nail treatment, but not as a base coat.


I have to admit some disappointment with this month’s box. The colors are AMAZING, but neither of the formulas impressed me. Colette chipped WAY too fast, and Sera took hours to dry. And the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat does smooth out nails but doesn’t adhere very well.


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