Perfume Diary : Indie perfumes by Madam Scodioli

Hello again! In my quest to find the most delicious scents around, I’ve discovered Etsy is an excellent source for indie perfumes. One of my new favorite perfumeries is Madame Scodioli. All her perfumes are priced at $30 for 30ml (or about 1oz), which I consider a very reasonable price for quality perfume.

Head Over Heels: Espresso truffle

Let’s start with my absolute favorite – Head Over Heels. If you love coffee and chocolate, this is definitely for you. It’s not an overly sweet scent, it’s definitely an unsweetened/slightly bitter espresso flavor balanced out with a smooth/slightly sweet dark chocolate.
This one lasts 7 – 8 hours on me before fading noticeably. The scent also lingers nicely on clothing, so at the end of the day I still have a hint of deliciousness remaining. Etsy says this one is limited edition – it will be a sad, sad day for me if it’s ever discontinued. I’m on my third bottle!

Mood: Sexy

Gypsy Caravan: Pomegranite Valencia

Next is Gypsy Caravan. I waited for this one to come back in stock after trying a sample. It’s a juicy blend of pomegranate and valencia orange. The two flavors meld together so well that its difficult pick each one out. It’s a great summer scent.

This has the shortest wear time on me – I find this to be true of pretty much any fruit based scent. It starts to noticeably drop off after about 6 hours, but a hint lingers for a couple of hours after.

Mood: Happy, summer

Oracle: Fig, spices and musk

Last up is Oracle. I ordered this one on a whim because I liked the description. I was very unsure of it when I first applied it. It’s much more unusual than many of the more staightforward perfumes I have.  And musk is not a scent I find appealing 98% of the time. Once it dried down though, I was sold.

After the initial dry down, the spices really come out on top. The fig layers slightly under the spices adding just a bit of sweetness. Layered down at the very bottom is just a hint of the musk, which serves to balance out the other two scents and add a bit of earthiness to the blend.

This one lasts the longest on me – about 9 hours before fading. I can still smell a hint of it on my skin the next morning. It stays in my clothing for days. I recommend this one if you are looking for something a little more unusual or adventurous.

Mood: Mysterious, complex, autumn


I have been super impressed with the perfumes I’ve tried so far from Madame Scodioli. I will definitely be checking out some of her more unusual offerings in the very near future. She does offer sample packs on her Etsy page, so you can try a few before commiting to a full size.


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