Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box: September Edition

Greetings! Another month has gone by, and with its passing comes a new beauty box from Medusa’s Makeup. This is a fairly new subscription box. I signed up last month (I believe that was the first box). The box is $15.95 a month (shipping in the U.S. is free) and promises 3-5 products with a value of $40. Let’s see how this month stacks up, shall we?

This month includes four products, all full sized.

  • Brush Cleaner; $8
  • Vegan Eyeshadow Brush; $6
  • Body Shimmer in “Healthy“; $12
  • Eye Dust in “Lemonade“; $7

The total value this month is $33 – well over the cost of the box, but under the promised value. I still find it to be totally worth it, but it’s definitely something to know if you are thinking about subscribing.

Brush Cleaner ($8) and Eyeshadow Brush ($6)

Brush Cleaner – When I first saw this one, I thought it was a sample! It’s a shampoo type cleaner, and very concentrated. The instructions say to use about 3 drops for 2oz water, so this should last through at least a couple of cleanings (I have a large brush collection). I tested it out on some really dirty shadow brushes and it works great! It has a pleasant smell that I can’t quite place – fortunately I don’t find it overpowering at all, and it doesn’t linger once the brushes are dry. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle!

Eyeshadow Brush – This is sold in a set on the website, so I guessed at the value.  It’s an excellent brush. Very dense and soft, with no shedding. I think it was smart to have the brush cleaner and brush together, it feels like some thought went into the curation, and I enjoy getting tools to use with my makeup!

Eye Dust in Lemonade ($7)

Eye Dust – This month MM included the shade Lemonade in the box. This is a lemon yellow pigment with quite a bit of shimmer to it. It’s not a color I would generally pick for myself, which means it’s not a dupe for anything in my collection. I enjoy receiving things out of my comfort zone to try, so this will be fun to use. I had a request for a makeup look last month, so here’s an eye look for you guys using Lemonade & last month’s color, Brown Sugar. (Lemonade is swatched at the bottom of the post)

Lemonade on top, Brown Sugar in crease/outer lid, Too Faced Macaron on center lid


Body Shimmer in Healthy ($12)

Body Shimmer – The body shimmer comes in one shade on the website, Healthy. I think the designation of body shimmer is a bit odd; this reads more as a blush to me, and is under the face section of the website. It could also be used as a highligher if you’re looking for some mega glitter. Because holy cow, it is glittery. It’s a lovely pink, but not something I’ll be reaching for often. Still, maybe at a rave this winter? 😉

Swatches of Lemonade & Healthy

Final Thoughts – I thoroughly enjoyed this sub box again! It’s a great value if you’re interested in a full size cosmetics subscription. Plus it has the added bonus of being vegan/cruelty free. I highly recommend this one!

Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box


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