Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box: October Edition

Happy October everybody! Once again, I’ve got a fresh review of the Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box for your consumption. The box costs $15.95 a month (free U.S. shipping) and promises 3-5 products with a $40 total value. The brand is vegan and cruelty free. This sub is only a few months old, but so far I’ve been impressed with the value and quality of products included. The boxes have no theme, but the curation felt more thoughtful with the last box, so I hope that’s the direction this sub keeps going. Let’s see how this month stacks up!

This months items are:

  • False eyelashes + glue; $8
  • Glitter in “Abracadabra“; $7
  • “The Fix!” Glitter Adhesive; $8
  • Lipstick in the shade “Red Square“; $12

This month, the info card was a full color postcard (photo above), instead of the plain paper list MM has been sending. It looks like they’re putting some extra effort into the subscription branding. It’s a small change but I like it! It makes the sub feel just a bit more put together. 

Eyelashes & glue –  I haven’t tried these lashes yet (I am a novice when it comes to putting them on myself), but they look promising. The heart packaging is super cute, and I think the glue inclusion is great. Plus, lashes feel like an excellent addition to an October/Halloween box! 

Glitter – “Abracadabra” is a fine black glitter. It’s definitely another great product & color for an October box. I don’t know about you, but black glitter definitely says Halloween to me! I haven’t used glitter much, so I definitely don’t have anything like this either. Definitely another hit for me. 

Glitter Adhesive – So, this is not like any glitter adhesive I’ve used before. It’s basically a wax that the glitter sticks to. I’m not a huge fan, because it doesn’t seem like it would work as well as what I already use. I don’t trust it around my eyes. However, I do think it would be good for face/cheek glitter application. The glitter does stick to it fairly well (at the bottom I’ve swatched the glitter over it; a little does go a long way), and I imagine if you’re looking for something natural & chemical free this will fit the bill nicely. This feels like a thoughtful addition because it pairs with the glitter. 

Lipstick – The shade is “Red Square“. I was expecting a tomato red color, but when applied, it’s actually a bright pinkish-red. I expected to hate it, but I quite like it on me. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone though! The formula is excellent; it’s slightly sheer, shiny and moisturizing. 

And here are some daylight swatches of the glitter and lipstick (and yes, that is how pink the lipstick looks):

Final Thoughts – Even though this box isn’t in your face with the Halloween theme, it has a very Halloween vibe to it.The total value comes in a $35, which is slightly under the promised value – but more than double the cost. So, this is a high value subscription if you like the brand. I’ve been very pleased with all of the boxes so far, which is pretty amazing for me. The sub also seems to be improving, curation wise – I felt like all of the items this month made sense and work together. I’m definitely sticking with this one for awhile!


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