Medusa’s Makeup Beauty Box : November

Hello all! It’s been quite the busy month here, unfortunately I’ve not had as much time to post. Buuuuut I got my Medusa’s Makeup Box for November today, and I had to put up a review for you all! 

The first thing I’ve noticed is the marketing/branding seems to be evolving. This is still a fairly new subscription (I think I may have even caught the first box when it started a few months ago). There’s more an emphasis on the vegan aspect of the brand these last two months, and the inserts have been looking much more professional. 

The box is $15.95 a month (includes shipping to the US). 

And now, on to the products!

This months items are:

  • Lip & Cheek Stain in Moody; $8
  • Lip Gloss in Rumors; $9
  • Eye Dust in Green Velvet; $7
  • Makeup Setting Spray; $8

As always, everything is full size!

Lip & Cheek Stain: Full confession, I didn’t try this on my cheek. I have super sensitive skin that breaks out at almost everything, so I don’t do cream blushes. Ever. The formula smells like old school cherry chapstick (but not in a nasty artificial way) – it seriously took me back. There’s no discernable taste once applied. It’s pretty shiny and not very pigmented (swatched at the bottom). I’m not really sure it would be particularly good as a cheek stain. It barely shows up on my lips. 

Definitely not what I expect from a stain. It’s a good tinted lip gloss, but that’s about it. 

Lip Gloss: So, it looks like subscribers received variable colors of this one. I got Rumors. It looks soooo gorgeous in the tube, but when applied you can’t see it at all. I took a photo, but there was no point in posting it because it looks like a clear gloss (and a not particularly shiny one). Sadly, although the formula was decent, this one was a miss for me. 

Eye Dust in Green Velvet: The eye dusts are always excellent, and this month is no different! The formula is shimmery and incredibly pigmented. I’m not usually a fan of greens, but this one is really lovely (swatched at bottom). This is the first month a sifter has been included. I hope that continues, it makes things considerably less messy. 

Setting Spray: Every month has included something I consider to be more of a beauty tool, and this is no different. The size is great for tossing in a purse and I dig the label. Undortunately, it has a lot of alchohol in it and also includes fragrance, two ingredients I try to stay away from. I totally think it’s a great box inclusion, but because of my skin type, it’s another personal miss. 

Final Thoughts: This month was pretty much a miss for me. The only thing I really dug was the eye dust – I’m not sure I’ll use anything else. That being said, this is the first month that fell short of expectations. I definitely still recommend the subscription. This month had a value of $32 (double the box cost), and everything is full size. 


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