Fortune Cookie Soap Box for Spring

Hello to all! At the beginning of this year, I decided to do a subscription box purge. Gone are my BeautyCon box, Nerd Block and Medusa’s Makeup subscriptions (I still recommend MM. It’s a great box!). Of course, the purge didn’t last long, and I’ve got a new box in my life (well…new boxes, but one thing at a time). I subscribed to the Fortune Cookie Soap Box. It comes every quarter and costs $19.99. I was a bit hesitant to subscribe for awhile; I have very sensitive skin and I’m super picky about fragrance to boot, but I’ve heard great things about this company so what the hey!

As I sit here typing, I have the song ‘Be Our Guest‘ stuck in my head – probably because it’s the theme of this quarter’s box. It arrived just in time for the live action movie release (and Valentine’s Day). Let’s dive in!


The items included are:

  • Magic Mirror OCD Hand Sanitizer; $2.89
  • Bonjour Whipped Cream; $3
  • Enchanted Rose Fortune Cookie Soap; $3.99
  • Beauty Lip Tint; approx 50¢
  • There’s Something Sweet Perfume Oil; $7.99
  • Lumiere Candle; $1
  • Tame the Beast Detangler; $2.50
  • Happily Ever After Toner Tablet; $2


ENCHANTED ROSE Fortune Cookie Soap:

Delicate rose petals, soft violets against a woody, vanilla backdrop.

This is definitely the coolest looking thing in the box! I love how there’s even a fortune inside the cookie that has a quote from the movie on it. The rose is a lovely touch as well. I gotta say though…I’m not so sure about the fact there’s a bible verse reference on the back. It’s a bit of a turn off tbh. But, aside from my initial surprise at that, I’m loving the soap itself! I’m mostly getting a creamy rose/violet scent from this, with just a hint of something else (probably the woody backdrop from the description). Ultra delicious, and I usually dislike florals.


BONJOUR Whipped Cream:

Sparkling tea leaves, with a zest of fresh lemon.

Wow! This one smells amazing. It’s a bright candied lemon scent – real lemon (not that nasty fake lemon smell). It absorbs nicely and isn’t greasy. I may have to buy the full size of this one.


Fresh blackberries, tart apples and magnolia petals, sprinkled with sugar crystals.

A candle is a great inclusion for a Beauty & the Beast box. It feels very on theme. The smell is right up my alley – the fruits come through the strongest, while the magnolia serves to balance it out just a little bit.


Bergamot essential oil, sweet mandarins and tangy grapefruit.

I haven’t had the chance to use this yet. Basically you put it in a bowl of really hot water, throw a towel over your head, and breath while the steam opens your pores. I may save this for a day my allergies are flaring up, because this seems like the perfect item for such an occasion. It smells very fresh and juicy; the mandarin and grapefruit are quite potent!



Black cherries, rich patchouli and warm sandalwood.

This is my least favorite item. I haven’t had the chance to us it yet, but it’s got a very oily consistency and looks a bit like melted butter. My hair gets weighed down and greasy quite easily on its own, so I’m not sure it needs any help from me. I also HATE patchouli. Even though it is balanced out by the other scents, I can still smell it. But, not all of them can be winners, and the formula may be quite good (it does have good reviews on the website). I’ll probably be gifting it, because the smell is just too much for me.

MAGIC MIRROR OCD Hand Sanitizer:

Succulent peach, fresh watermelon, honeyed neroli.

The hand sanitizer, on the other hand, smells divine. If you couldn’t tell already, I gravitate to fruit smells. For some reason, this particular combination smells nothing like the description to me. Instead, I’m getting candied grape, a la grape gum. It dries quickly, but I have one minor quibble. It leaves behind a bunch of micro glitter. It’s not enough to get me to dislike the formula (and being sparkly is very in keeping with the magic mirror theme), just an observation to keep in mind. It doesn’t seem to dry out my hands though, so I’ll be using this one up for sure.


Delicate rice flower blossoms, dripping with spring rain.

The scent description kind of threw me for a loop, in that spring rain isn’t exactly a scent in and of itself. I was actually expecting to hate this because, once again, I don’t love floral smells. But I actually quite like it. It smells kind of clean and soapy to me. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I want to say it smells a bit like what I remember baby shampoo to smell like.

BEAUTY Lip Tint:

Sweet tangerine and creamy vanilla, with a subtle berry tint.

I didn’t take a photo of this one (there’s no label or anything terribly interesting). The berry tint isn’t noticeable at all on me. It smells great though, very much like a creamsicle! The formula is moisturizing, soft and non-sticky, so I would put this in the lip balm category. It’s definitely also a win.

I couldn’t resist a gif.


All in all I feel like this was a really strong showing. There was only one item I didn’t like/wouldn’t use, which is pretty amazing. Somehow FCS managed to create scents that had flowers in them that I actually liked!

I had to guess at a few of the values because the sizes aren’t listed, but it comes to about $23. Two of the items appear to be full size (the soap and the perfume oil), while the rest are smaller sizes. It’s not a high value box for sure, but it’s great because it lets you sample FCS’s upcoming line. Subscriber’s also get a $10 coupon code to be used on the line, so if you are planning on buying anything that adds some value. I’m really excited to see what they come out with next!


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