Epic Fail: Revlon HD Matte Metallic Lipstick

Hello all! It’s rare that I’m disappointed in the cosmetics I buy – mostly because I test things before plopping down money. Unfortunately drugstores lack testers so, unless I want to be the jerk who opens things in the store, I have to just hope that the product I’m getting is good. Sadly the new Revlon Ultra HD Matte Metallic Lipcolor did not live up to my expectations. Not even close.

I purchased the colors HD Luster (a greige-ish purple) and HD Glitz (a deep blue).

Daylight swatch; truest to color.

Application: Let’s talk about the applicator. Revlon went with a doe foot applicator, which simply does not work with this formula. Both colors went on unevenly, and attempts to fix the uneven patches made another part uneven. I think this formula might have greatly benefited from a brush instead. As is, it’s impossible to get even coverage, even glooped on.


Wear: Bad news here too. Honestly, before I read the description I was expecting some sort of dry down (because of the word “matte”). According to Revlon, it’s a gel formula. I’m not sure what that means, but perhaps that’s why I could not get it to dry down at all. I tried thin coats, waiting 15 minutes and then applying a second coat – but even doing that, it was still wet after half an hour. It slid around and transferred to everything. You can see in the swatch of HD Glitz below, my lip ring caused huge problems in the spot it touches my top lip. The formula is very comfortable, but comfort doesn’t really matter if it looks terrible.

Color & Finish: I love the colors. I’m really glad drugstore brands have started coming out with more unique/edgy colors. If the formula had worked they would definitely be in my lipstick rotation – especially HD Luster. But – on top of formula issues – the finish is something of a disappointment as well. As it is, because there doesn’t seem to be enough pigment in them, they look like a lip gloss – not a metallic lipstick.

HD Luster


HD Glitz

Final Thoughts: Honestly? Stay away from these. They are absolutely not worth your money. But, if you do end up trying them out, there’s hope. I did manage to find a use for them as a topper. I layered HD glitz over a blue matte liquid lipstick and it gave it a nice, shiny finish (compromises the longevity of the matte lipstick though).

HD Glitz over Colourpop Jellies.



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