I’ve got a new favorite … Cirque Colors

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want to talk about nail polish. I love it. I have a lot of it. Most of it is okay, but occasionally a brand finds it’s way into my regular rotation and stays there. Cirque Colors has become one of those brands. The polish will set you back $14 a bottle, which might seem kinda steep, but if you are like me and longevity is a problem (more on this later) it’s worth it when you find something that works.

Last month I grabbed five of their colors (two from the new Kawaii range, three older colors). I’m going to do a batch review for all of them, because the performance was extremely consistent.

Application: The application was very smooth across the board. All of them were opaque and even in two coats. Himalayan Pink seemed like it was going to be a problem, due to the high volume of sparkle, but it ended up being totally fine.

Color & Finish: I found all of the colors to be true to the bottle color, and the Cirque Colors website photos. They all look even better in sunlight. I found the most noticeable differences between lighting to be with Happy Monday, Memedom and Himalayan Pink. All three have a holo sparkle that really shows best outside. Himalayan Pink looks like a rose gold when inside, and then BLAM…color. It also had a super shiny metallic finish that the others did not.

Longevity: This is where it gets interesting for me. If you’ve read any of my previous posts about nail polish, you’ll know that most polishes chip within a day or two on me (metallic finishes being the worst offender, followed by creme shades). All of these lasted 5-7 days on me with very minor tip wear. By the time I took them off around day seven, none of them had chipped. I’ve been using the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat with everything, and that seems to make some difference, but I can honestly say that only two other brands have lasted this long on me (Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, and Baroness X for the curious). My only caveat here is I haven’t tried any of their creme based colors, which is the other big offender for chipping.

Final Thoughts: I highly recommend all of these colors (mouse over the images below to get the color name). They’re super gorgeous, and long lasting to boot. I’m so impressed that I actually just put in an order for another of the shades from the Kawaii Collection.




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