I’m still here!

Hello everybody!

So, real talk, It’s been a heck of a year.

The big news is that I moved from California to Oregon, which took a lot of time and energy. The place that we moved to needed so much work done on it to get it ship-shape, which is where most of my spare time has been going. Now that most things are mostly taken care of, I feel like I can breathe and start having hobbies again (like this blog!).

I’ve also been really struggling with depression this year. I had a pretty severe ankle injury near the end of last year, which left me unable to really walk for several months – depressing in itself. I was out of work for several months – also no bueno, especially since I don’t exactly get paid leave. Add to that my inability to go to the gym (something I did almost every day) and some weight gain to go with it and I’ve been pretty down in the dumps – too down in the dumps to blog.

BUT finally life seems to be going my way again. I’m feeling a lot better – moving is pretty much done, I’m working again, I’ve been able to work out some this month and I’ve finally started thinking about blog posts! I’ve got a bunch of posts planned for the next few months – some new indie perfume discoveries, a whole heap of liquid lipsticks to review (maybe even a showdown!), makeup discoveries and even some fashion finds to share. So, stay tuned because content is finally on its way!

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